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Our Caring Staff

Compassionate and Dedicated

Our team consists of the most compassionate, dedicated, highly educated and professional team members in the region.

We believe in a high level of teamwork and professional development and support this concept through initiatives like our own Baue University which provides continuing comprehensive onsite training.

Baue employees value our community, and many of our team members are active in St. Charles organizations such as Rotary, the EDC, The St. Charles County Community Council, local Chambers of Commerce and Churches.

Every year we participate in ringing the bell for the Salvation Army as well as holding toy and food drives. Often you will see us at parades and charitable events around our town.

Each staff member is as strongly committed to each other, as we are to the families we serve.

Meet Helen, Staff Member

Baue Family

Lisa Baue

Lisa Baue 3rd Generation President/CEO

John Baue
John Baue Devaney

4th Generation Vice President

Paul Baue
Paul Baue

Funeral Director / Location Manager

Executive Staff

Pam Gehrs, Chief Operating Officer
Pam Gehrs

Chief Operating Officer

Brenda Suit, Chief Financial Officer
Brenda Suit

Chief Financial Officer

Funeral Directors

Todd Deibert, Funeral Director/Location Manager
Todd Deibert

Funeral Director / Location Manager

Courtney Molloy, Funeral Director

Courtney Molloy Funeral Service Manager

Milton Schaper, Funeral Director
Milton Schaper

Funeral Director

Neva Rankin, Funeral Director

Neva Rankin Funeral Director

Stefanie Helfer, Funeral Director

Stefanie Helfer Funeral Director / Location Manager

Pat Rankin, Funeral Director & Life Celebrant
Pat Rankin

Certified Life Celebrant and Licensed Funeral Director

Valerie Gabelmann, Funeral Director

Valerie Gabelmann
 Licensed Funeral Director

Amy Beth Dormire
Amy Beth Dormire

Funeral Director, Supervisor Care Services

Amy Beth Dormire

Alexis Mason Funeral Director

Maria Barrett Funeral Director

Dustin Livengood

Dustin Livengood Funeral Director

Megan Steward

Megan Steward Funeral Director

Lila Dicker
Lila Rose Farnese

Funeral Director

Morgan Crocker
Funeral Director

Alison Brettnacher
Funeral Director

Management Staff

Colby Hitchcock, CFSP Director of Funeral Service Operations

Kelly Karavousanos, Director Grief Services Center for Hope and Healing

Kelly Karavousanos Director Grief Services Center for Hope and Healing

Kacie Derby, Director Community Events
Kacie Derby

Advance Planning Manager

Brad Vickers, Director of Operations for Cemetery, Property & Grounds

Brad Vickers Director of Cemetery, Property Operations

Greg Fuller, Superintendent St. Charles Memorial Gardens
Greg Fuller

Superintendent St. Charles Memorial Gardens

Kim Brueck Manager Pet Services

Kim Brucek, Manager Pet Services

Ally Walters Manager of Funeral Service Development 

Advance Planning

Jamie Fann, Family Service Director
Jamie Fann

Family Service Director

Jana Harper

Family Service Director

Marie Deabler
Family Service Director

Madi Mills
Family Service Director

Beverly Stevenson
Cemetery Family Service Director

Mike Knopfel
Family Service Director

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