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Answers and Information

Thank you for contacting Baue Funerals, Cremation and Cemetery. The following information will answer some of your immediate questions regarding the types of services we offer, pricing and why more families choose us than any other provider.

If a death has occurred, please call us to set an appointment at any time of day or night 636-940-1000.

We understand this is a difficult time for you and want you to know we will help you in the days ahead as you honor your loved one.

Services, Prices and Merchandise

We know that today’s consumer has many choices and a variety of ways to obtain information. Transparency is very important to us. We are committed to providing clear and concise information, whether online, over the phone, or in person. We recognize that understanding available options as well as cost is important for every family. Our price lists are itemized, the selection of items is in direct relation to the service requested. It is recommended that you choose only those items you desire and that will be of most value to you and your family and provide the most support in your time of need. We believe that it is important you have the opportunity to know exactly what you are getting and the ability to compare prices, services and merchandise. When considering your choices, it is helpful to think about costs in relation to what you receive.

Professional Services 

Personal Attention and Expert Guidance from Experienced Staff, Quality Facilities, Variety of Customizable Options, Clean Vehicles, Passion for details, Community Leader, Compassionate Care


Burial, Cremation, Cemetery, Mausoleum, Monument and Memorial Options

When comparing your options, we encourage you to have a no-commitment conversation with one of our professional funeral arrangers. Doing so affords you the opportunity to ask questions and gather information, ensuring you fully understand your options and are confident in your final selections. Funeral and cemetery services may be very simple, or more complicated depending on the wishes of the family. We are committed and experienced in doing everything we can to ensure that your memorial service or life celebration is relevant, planned and executed perfectly. It is our promise to every family and our community to provide accurate information regarding funeral and cemetery services, and to exceed your expectations while faithfully fulfilling your wishes.

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What Every Baue Service Includes

Burial & Funeral Services

  • Widest choice of caskets for every budget
  • Onsite reception centers
  • Ability to use onsite chapel or your church
  • Onsite cemetery
  • Onsite flower shop
  • Professional audio video equipment
  • Ability to stay within any budgets
  • Freedom to create unique life honoring event

Cremation Options

  • Onsite crematory and no third parties. Your loved one never leaves our care.
  • Ability to have simple cremation or full service funeral
  • Unique cemetery options for placement of cremated remains
  • Simple, all-inclusive packages
  • Ability to witness cremation or see loved one prior to cremation
  • Ability to stay within any budgets
  • Freedom to create unique life honoring event

The Baue Difference

Convenience – everything you need in one place.

Some think all funeral and cremation providers are the same, but we provide funeral, cremation, reception centers, multiple locations, onsite cemetery, grief support services, support groups, veterans programs, veterans benefits and more.

Services – for every family and budget.

We believe your loved one is unique and the life celebration you create can reflect your families, beliefs, customs and preferences. This allows you to personalize the process and select what best works for you.

Experience – Over 80 years of caring for families.

We are family owned and live in this great community. We focus on giving back through many charities, being involved in the community and providing the support families need after the service is over.

Cremation – Your loved one never leaves our care.

We were the first to have a Cremation Center. Unlike other cremation providers, we have a stringent Cremation Code of Ethics and an 8 Step Standards of Excellence. We believe the trust you place in us is sacred. Your loved one deserves only the highest level of security and care from the moment you call us. You are welcome to tour our facility at anytime, please contact us today to learn more

Services – Unique life honoring events.

Because we believe that every life lived is unique and special, your Director will take the time to guide your family through a variety of options in making your loved one’s service a life honoring tribute.

Watch the below video to learn more.

Catering and Reception Services

Baue is proud to have the ability to provide the comfort and convenience of nourishment for your family and guest during one of life’s toughest moments.

  • Our catering services range from baked sweets, simple snack trays to fully-catered multiple course buffet
  • Baue is able to provide onsite catering services at our Cave Springs, St. Charles and O’Fallon Locations as well as memorial receptions away from our grounds
  • Menus can be fully customized to any dietary restrictions or taste preferences
  • Click here to view your Catering Options

Helpful Information for Your Appointment

Please call to schedule an appointment with one of our caring staff 636-940-1000. Below is helpful information for families to review before our time together.

Vital Statistics
Information needed to complete a Missouri State Death Certificate

At-Need Vital Statistics Form
Advance Planning Vital Statistics Form

Items to bring to appointment
A helpful checklist of the items we will need at your appointment.


How many Certified Death Certificates will I need?

This state certified document is required by banks and other companies as proof of a death occurring.

Death Certificates

We will assist you with ordering Death Certificates. The first copy is $13.00 each additional copy is $10.00. These fees are charged by the State of Missouri. Below is information pertaining to what who may require Death Certificate.

Take a moment to read the information below to make sure you will have the death certificate copies needed to take care of your loved one’s belongings and assets.

One of the reasons death certificates became so important in the United States was for the government to collect accurate mortality data on U.S. citizens. Moving forward many different organizations have started to require a death certificate as proof of a person’s death in order to properly close accounts, claim benefits, or to settle estate claims. Many funeral homes or legal aids will help you identify what you will need a death certificate for and how many copies may be necessary; however, here are a few common organizations that generally require an official death certificate copy.

Bank Accounts- Banks will require a death certificate to do the following actions:

  • Transfer an individual checking or joint account
  • Transfer a savings account
  • Transfer a safe deposit box

Property- Mortgage companies and other property-related organizations will need the certificate in order to:

  • Transfer each title of real estate ownership
  • Transfer ownership of a vehicle

Government and/or Insurance- Official death certificate copies will be needed for multiple government agencies and/or insurance companies:

  • A copy for each insurance claim including funeral home costs
  • Transferring or redeeming stocks, bonds, or treasury bills
  • Federal and state tax returns
  • Rolling over an IRA account

Having the correct amount of death certificates will help make this process a little bit less stressful.

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Is your loved one with a Hospice or Caregiver?

If your loved one is in the care of a medical facility, this form can be completed and placed into their file so personnel are informed on how to reach us.

View/Print Form

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Our staff is caring, dedicated and experienced in assisting families. We invite you to visit our staff page to learn more.

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