Today is my 3rd birthday! Thank you to all who celebrated early with me yesterday. Especially thank you to Treats Unleashed – O’Fallon for the yummy birthday cake!

Thank you to Meribeth with Dogs on Duty and Carrie with K9 Kamp Dog Training for joining us!

I am so lucky to work with such a warm and caring group of individuals and I am so glad I can help the community on the days they need it most.

Kelly Karavousanos, LPC, CT, Director of Grief Services and The Center for Hope and Healing has known from the beginning that I would be able to help the community. “In meeting all the Goldendoodle puppies it was hard to choose which cute ball of fur would be the best to provide our families with support and comfort. Just like he has continued to guide us these past 3 years,” she continues, “Teddy was the first puppy to crawl into my lap and curl up to sleep.

I knew then that he was meant to be our Grief Support Comfort Dog. Since that time, he has grown to become an important member of our staff. I have seen them with multiple families and individuals and he continues to amaze me with his intuition as to who needs him most.”

Even Kim Brueck, Manager of Baue Pet Services, has some kind words for me on my birthday. “Teddy is amazing to watch. I’ve had the privilege to watch him bring smiles to families at the senior living communities we visit. Teddy can make anyone feel so loved.

I’ve also had the opportunity to watch him with my families at Baue Pet Services. His presence is soothing to someone that is hurting after losing a companion.”

Here are some pictures from my party! And remember to follow me on Instagram @teddybaue!