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This Summer marks the 2 year anniversary of the Center for Hope & Healing. Part of the Baue Family of Services, the Center for Hope & Healing is a private practice providing therapy to individuals, and families. Baue understands mourning a loss doesn’t end after a funeral, and offers a counseling service that allows families to mourn at their own pace.

Located at 608 Jefferson Street in St. Charles, The Center for Hope & Healing was established in 2013 and has grown to provide therapy for many life transitions such as death of a loved one, divorce, serious illness, and mental health.

The Center’s full time counselor, Kelly Karavousanos, LPC, CT Kelly Karavousanos - crophas been serving the grieving community for over 10 years. She understands counseling allows people to identify goals to grow and feel better about themselves, manage stress, and work through their problems with a skilled professional. “I am so proud to be able to offer mental health support to our community. We are continuing to grow and offer individual counseling for those who need support and guidance for grief, depression, anxiety, and trauma.”

Unlike other counseling services, the Center for Hope & Healing has taken an innovative approach to serve the community. Complimentary Grief Education Classes are offered at the Center 4 times per month to all members of the community. Click here to register for the next complimentary class.

In addition to Complimentary Grief Education Classes, the Center for Hope & Healing offers a variety of specialized classes such as Grief and Yoga, and our Children’s Grief Camp.

Grief and Yoga is a 4 session class designed for adults who have lost a loved one, and are seeking alternative methods to work through their grief. With the help of yoga stretches and poses, individuals are able to release tensions brought on by grief or stress. This has become the Center for Hope & Healings most ground-breaking program for the community.

shp12023_3013The Center for Hope & Healing also saw a need for counseling children – the “forgotten mourners.” Many times, we forget children also mourn the loss of a loved one, and their way of expressing that loss can differ from that of adults. The Children’s Grief Camp is offered for free by the Center, and allows children to express their grief through art.

Though the Center has only been part of the St. Charles and St. Louis County Regions since 2013, their undeniable care and comprehensive counseling services has set them apart from the rest. Counselor, Jane Henke, LPC of the Center for Hope & Healing is thrilled to serve families and individuals in our community. “It is such an amazing honor to be invited into the lives of those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.”

For more information on The Center for Hope & Healing visit Baue.com or call 636-328-0878.