Teddy by the numbers:

13 months old, 45 pounds, 24″ long

This past month Teddy has been to several support groups and has become quite a celebrity! He attended our Dr. Wolfelt  Community Seminar for Grieving Families, and everyone wanted to take their picture with him.










Teddy is working to perfect his “stay” command. While at the park in October, Teddy played on the playground equipment and at the soccer field. During this time he was told to “stay” despite wanting to get out there and run with the kids! Needless to say, Teddy did a great job and is on his way towards becoming a Certified Grief Therapy Touch Dog.


img_4232     img_4864

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed Teddy is becoming more in tune with people’s feelings. During a support group, he came over to a gentleman who was tearful and he laid his head in his lap. Teddy has begun to do small things like this to show he cares for others and truly wants to bring happiness into their lives.

For more updates on Teddy be sure to check tune in each month!