Teddy’s Fun Filled Summer!

Teddy’s summer is in full swing! He has kept busy by attending the Heartland Hospice BBQ and the BJC Hospice BBQ, delighting all the attendees. He also attended the 8th Annual Seeds of Hope Program where he spent time with families. Teddy continues to be very intuitive toward those who need him most and seems to come right up to the person who needs him to comfort them. Teddy was able to celebrate independence day by attending a 4th of July parade with Baue staff members.

This summer, Teddy attended two Silver & Gold Luncheons. The first luncheon was the Club’s Life’s a Beach luncheon, and Teddy arrived in style, wearing sunglasses and a flower lei. The luncheon fun carried on into July with the Club’s Elvis Jailhouse Rock Luncheon. Teddy stepped in as a security dog and made his rounds visiting the club’s members.

What’s summer without a bit of summer school? Teddy continued his training, focusing on the stay command. Teddy’s trainer tested his skills by taking Teddy to parks and pet-friendly stores. Teddy has been a model student, working hard to stay focused and not distracted.

When Teddy isn’t in doggy school or at work he loves spending time with family and sleeping under his parent’s bed. His favorite summer time treat is Puppy Whip from Starbucks!