Teddy has been continuing to attend Baue Grief Support Groups. The attendees are disappointed when he doesn’t attend and they look forward to visiting with him when he is there. He has been requested at two funerals this past month where he has provided families with comfort and love as he visits with them. Teddy also attended the Greater St. Louis Hospice Organizations Volunteer Symposium with his mom, Kelly Karavousanos, and Ally Walters. He was a big hit with the volunteers and received many comments about how wonderful it was that Baue has a Grief Therapy Dog.

Teddy’s Trainer also came to teach our Funeral Directors how to be good co workers for a Comfort Dog this month. She was able to discuss the difference between a companion dog and a working dog.

Currently, he is working on his “stay”.  Teddy is also continuing to work on his socialization and ability to be around other dogs and knowing when it is ok to play and when he is working.

To see more of Teddy’s progress, follow him on Instagram @TeddyBaue