Teddy, Grief Comfort Dog

Teddy is hypoallergenic and bred to be calm in nature. He lives with Kelly Karavousanos, LPC, CT, Director of Grief Services and our Center for Hope and Healing, and was in training over the 2016 year. His role, now that he is fully trained, is to provide comfort and love to families during visitations and services as well as helping during counseling sessions. Teddy also visits local nursing homes, hospices, and schools in the area with Kelly to talk about grief.

The power of touch and the animal-human bond have been proven over and over again to provide a therapeutic effect for both humans and animals.  Numerous studies have found supportive evidence for positive mental and physical health benefits from being near animals and touching them. Teddy uses his healing ability to assist our families in grief.

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Teddy Milestones

January 2018

Teddy Talks: New Year’s Resolutions

By |

Happy New Year! With the start of 2018, there are many thoughts in my mind - most of which are [...]

November 2017

Teddy Talks: Hospice Caregiver Awards Luncheon

By |

Today was incredible, I had the opportunity to meet with several hospices and their incredible employees at the annual Hospice [...]

October 2017

Teddy Talks: 10 Pet Halloween Safety Tips

By |

As October comes to an end, I've noticed there are a lot of houses in my neighborhood with outdoor decorations [...]

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Teddy, part of Center for Hope and Healing

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