Teddy started off the month of February working very hard! He attended an event at Bass Pro Shops hosted by Dogs on Duty, and attended a St. Charles Rotary meeting at the Baue Funeral and Memorial Center. Teddy was the topic of conversation during the Rotary meeting and received hugs, belly rubs, and pats on the head after the meeting. This month, Teddy even created his own Instagram account! You can now follow Teddy HERE and by searching #TeddyBaue.   

To further increase his training initiatives, Teddy spent 1 week with his trainer to keep his already learned skills sharp. He also continued to work on his socialization skills in February by attending 3 training sessions in area stores with other dogs. This has helped him to socialize and understand more about how he is to behave around other dogs while working. vent/Activities Teddy has been

Even with a busy work and training schedule, Teddy found time to have fun as well! He attended the 2017 St. Louis Beggin Pet Parade with Baue Pet Services. He had a great time dressing up and interacting with other dogs. On Mardi Gras, Teddy dressed up again and joined the Baue Silver & Gold club for their luncheon! He loves interacting with all of the senior in attendance at the luncheon and is happy when he can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Teddy has made incredible strides in his training and socialization and has been requested for his second visitation. He was able to provide the family with comfort and care which is what he enjoys doing the most.