Teddy by the Numbers:

11 months old, 40 pounds, 24″ long

August was a whirlwind for Teddy! He attended many events and met a countless number of new faces. On Tuesday, August 9, Teddy went to the 12th Annual Healthy Living Senior Fair at the St. Charles Convention Center. There were over 1000 seniors and 120 vendors in attendance that he was able to meet and mingle with. He had such a great time and loved being able to bring smiles to the faces of those who were in attendance.


While Kelly was out of town, Teddy stayed with Kim Bruck, the Manager of Baue Pet Servies. She has two dogs and a cat, and Teddy enjoyed having sleepovers with them for the week! He also had the opportunity to visit many different veterinary clinics with Kim, where he met with technicians and doctors. Teddy also attended many Hospice BaueQ’s where he greeted hospice nurses and staff as they had a complimentary bbq lunch.

img_5372           img_4988

Teddy is gearing up for a lot of training to prepare him for his next test! Beginning in October he will learn 1-2 new skills every month for the next 6 months. If you see Teddy at the funeral home, or out and about in the community be sure to tell him “good luck!”

Teddy did work very hard in August, but with work comes lots of play. He enjoys getting “Puppy Whip” from Starbucks on his way into the office in the morning, and when at home he loves playing soccer with his friend, Rocco! See the video below!