Today was incredible, I had the opportunity to meet with several hospices and their incredible employees at the annual Hospice Caregivers Award Luncheon!

To work in hospice, you must be a one of a kind person; someone who puts everyone’s needs above yours. A hospice worker’s selfless actions and open heart filled with generosity and care makes an end of life experience for families more comfortable. Those who work in hospice and who attended the luncheon had a chance to relax and be recognized for all they do each and every day.

The day started off with a complimentary expo for the hospice caregivers to take a moment to care for themselves – which as we know isn’t done often. The expo offered makeup samples, jewelry, hand massages, and yoga information along with many more relaxing techniques. After giving them time to unwind, Lisa and my mom, Kelly began the luncheon where each monthly hospice caregiver winner was recognized for their being a shining light of comfort to their patients. Seeing the room filled with so many people who selflessly love and care for others was extremely touching.

I was very excited to find out that our Annual winner was Eric Cokenour from Community Loving Care Hospice! He was our November winner and is very kind. Eric meets with families and helps to guide them through difficult times.

There are photos from the luncheon below for you to see!

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