On Tuesday of this week, I traveled to the Family Arena where I was told there would be several people who may need my help. Little did I know, there were almost 500 people from our community gathered together to listen to the renowned speaker, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. He discussed self-care, six important needs of mourning, the value of support systems, and many other helpful topics for those in attendance who were grieving. At the conclusion of his program, it was my turn to help. I walked through the aisles in the crowd and used my senses to seek out those who were grieving and comfort them. Through my touch, smiles were brought to their faces and in return, that brought a warmth to my heart. My training has taught me to seek out those who are grieving and to approach them to bring comfort to their lives. By being present at a time when they needed a moment of support, I was there and able to help them cope. While many were in attendance, I know there are many others in our community who also need my help, and it is my mission to seek them out so they may find comfort from my presence.


I have an Instagram account where my mom tends to post photos of me working and spreading my comfort. Follow me at @TeddyBaue to see my daily activities.