Teddy Honors Veterans

The month of May was busy for Teddy. He attended a Hospice BBQ at Nurses and Company, the Grand Opening of our 4th location, the 56th Annual Memorial Day Program, and 2 family visitations. At the 56th Annual Memorial Day Program, Teddy spent time with veterans and their families. In addition to Teddy’s Instagram account, he now also has his own business cards too!

Teddy has been working on his “wait”. This is a skill that is very important to his training. In addition to “wait” Teddy is also working on “leave it” and “release”. He is doing very well throughout his training.

Teddy is not only excelling in his training; he is also becoming a wonderful comfort dog. When working with a family Teddy has become very intuitive toward those who need him the most. He seems to come right up to the person who he needs to comfort. His gentle touch and presence bring a sense of relief to those who are grieving.