It’s a new year and Teddy has hit the ground running! Teddy attended the first Hospice Foundation of America Educational event hosted at Baue and was able to greet all of the attendees while staying in his “place.” He also attended an educational program held by the Gateway Coalition End of Life Care where there were more than 50 professionals in attendance to learn about therapy animals. All of the professionals are those who work with families at the end of life. Each professional greeted Teddy while he stayed in his “place” and they learned what his duties at Baue are.

This month, Teddy also attended his first visitation at Baue. He knows when someone needs additional comfort and will put his head on their lap to let that person know things are going to be ok. His gentle touch and presence bring a sense of relief to those who are grieving. Teddy attended the first Hospice Education Event and was able to greet all the

Teddy continues to work on his “stay” command as well as staying in his “place.”


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