As the month of December began, Baue held 4 Holiday Remembrance Programs at their funeral home chapels. The programs were free, open to the public, and allowed families to grieve the death of their loved one during the holiday season. This time of year can be especially difficult for those who are grieving, and Teddy is able to pick up on those cues. Through is training, Teddy is able to sense when someone needs additional comfort and care. He was able to attend all of the Baue Holiday Remembrance Programs and brought smiles to many faces of those who were grieving during the services. He comforted them through his touch and allowed them to take a moment away from their grief to smile, laugh, cuddle and pet him. Teddy continues to attend support groups and also is helpful during individual counseling sessions. His training continues to develop, and he shows his ability to spread happiness each day.

This month Teddy also attended our staff holiday party and received a hand painted ornament from local artist, Kelly Budd.