Artist Tama Vandenberg: Seaman the Dog

The Artist

Tama Vandenberg is a juried artist and a personal friend of the owners of Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory and Cemetery. She was commissioned to paint the Dog “Seaman” from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, to commemorate the 250th Anniversary Celebration in the City of St. Charles this year

“I am honored to be a part of the City of St. Charles Sester-Centennial Celebration,” Vandenberg said, “Community Art projects are dear to my heart and are a meaningful, beautiful and creative way to bring people together.”

Behind the Painting

Ideas for painting this big beautiful dog “Seaman” started with some themes suggested by sponsors Lisa Baue, her staff, and her husband Monte Crabbs.

“Because of Lisa and Baue’s love of flowers and the wonderful flower shop she and her family own, I chose the Missouri State Flower, the “Hawthorn Blossom,” to be painted on the dog along with their glyph, the Buae B and the Fleur Des Lis, one of the symbols of St. Charles, which was founded by French explorers. The Missouri Bluebird and its colors are also present.”

Other important items to Lisa and the Baue Family were to include many historic figures in St. Charles City’s history along with their own family members names and current  Baue Companies that serve the community today.

“You will see them “randomly organized” in the black on a black graffiti-inspired script on the dogs head. I also drew a rendition of the historic 1st Mayor’s Home,  built by Ludwell E. Powell, who resided at 608 Jefferson St.” This is where the Baue sponsored dog “Seaman” statue will reside this year during the city-wide celebration.

 Tama also stated, “My love of realism, combined with splashy color and layering techniques explains the juxtaposition of the black head and the bright blue (Baue’s company color) and the multicolored underpainting of the dog’s body.”

Other public art and community projects Tama was part of include the Colorado /International Singing Tree Project, the Town of Elizabeth Gateway and wayfinding signs, and the Elizabeth Stamped limited edition Rodeo Series.

The Baue Family is honored that Tama, as a Peoples’ Choice Award winner, gallery owner, nationally featured artist, and instructor, took the time to passionately design something filled with the rich history of our city.

You can see more of Tama’s art here, call her at 303-646-2888.