Teddy by the Numbers:

7 months old, 30 pounds, 21.5″ long

*Sneak peek for May:  Teddy will be present at our 55th Annual Veterans Memorial Program on Sunday, May 29th at 2pm at our St. Charles Memorial Gardens. Join Teddy in paying tribute to our veterans past, present and future – the event is free and open to the public.

Teddy has been a busy grief therapy in training this April!  As a grief therapy dog, Teddy will help individuals through touch.  In order to become comfortable around families and the community, Teddy spends a great deal of time around people to help put a smile on their face. This month, Teddy went to Church of the Transfiguration Senior Group, presented a monthly Hospice Caregiver Award to SSM Hospice in Lake St. Louis, and sat in on many grief educational classes held at the Center for Hope & Healing.

IMG_1924     teddy hospice ssm

He also attended the Greater St. Louis Hospice Organization Volunteer Symposium on Friday, April 22 where he met with many hospice organizations, and was able to bring stress relief to those in need.  On the same day, Teddy traveled to our St. Charles Memorial Gardens cemetery where he helped to plant trees for Earth Day with his new friend, Jaxon (son of 4th Generation Vice President, John Baue Devaney)!

Teddy at GSLHO   thumb_DSC_0799_1024

After a long day at work, Teddy enjoys visiting Baue Pet Services where he can relax, and cuddle up with his favorite toy.



Teddy has begun training for this Canine Good Citizenship Test.  This month, he progressed in “loose leash walking” and reinforced many of his other skills he has been learning. View the video below to see Kelly Karavousanos’ training progress with Teddy at our St. Charles Baue Funeral Home location.