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Seeds of Hope Memorial Video


June 27 at 10:00 AM

In lieu of our traditional remembrance event, we will be honoring the memory of our  community’s loved ones with a Seeds of Hope Memorial Video.

We have made this decision in thinking of the safety of our community and staff, during these unprecedented times.

We invite any viewers and “virtual attendees” of our Seeds of Hope memorial video to visit our St. Charles or Cave Springs funeral home reception desks Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm if you would like the takeaway items traditionally provided at this event annually.
Forget-Me-Not seed packets and wildflower seed paper slips for messages to loved ones are available at each desk. We are also providing maps to visit the Seeds of Hope garden in the cemetery where we have planted the wildflower seed paper with the messages of attendees of past years’ events.
If you want to plant a message on the seed paper in our St. Charles Memorial Gardens’ Seeds of Hope garden, you must leave it at the Reception desk for our Property & Grounds’ Staff to plant on your behalf. You are also welcome to take both the seed packets and paper with your messages home to your own gardens if you choose to do so. Either way, each of these favors are complimentary.
If you plan to visit a location to pick up these event favors, please do so safely with a mask or facial covering.
Please call (636) 940-1000 for more information.
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