Quiet Rooms: Employee Self-Care 

 On August 23, 2019, we had a grand opening for the Quiet Rooms, which are located at our Cave Springs location. We toured the Quiet Rooms and even got to enjoy some ice cream! 

Self-care is vital in order to remain at our best for the families we serve. We care about our employees like family, which is why we have installed Quiet Rooms. These Quiet Rooms include: 

  • Zero gravity massage full body massage chairs 
  • Sony noise cancelling headsets with disposable ear protection covers 
  • MP3 Players with nature sounds
  • Aromatherapy essential oils and diffusers 

Each employee receives 15 minutes of quiet and relaxation to rejuvenate. 

John Baue Devaney, 4th Generation said, “the massage chairs and the ambiance of the music and scents gives our employees a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.” 

Lindsay Huffman, Funeral Administrative Manager Scheduler, Funeral Service Operations added, “It was such a relaxing experience.” 

Amy Beth DormireFuneral Director, Supervisor Care Services, commented, “It’s nice having a space just for alone time and for decompressing.” 

If you would like to know more about self-care and how we provide resources to our employees, click here!