Traditional Visitation

What is a Traditional visitation?

Is viewing the deceased important? Dr. Alan Wolfelt, a renowned thanatologist and author in grief and loss, teaches us that we must say hello to the person who has died before we say goodbye. He recommends that whenever possible we spend time with our loved one after the death in a quiet and peaceful setting such as a family and friends visitation or gathering.

None of us know how we will feel when our loved one dies, nor in the case of our own deaths, how our survivors will feel.

We encourage families to leave options available for their survivors to spend time with their loved ones if they so desire.

Many families in our area choose to say goodbye with a visitation and viewing time on one day followed by a funeral service the second day. Usually held the evening before the funeral, and lasting from two to six hours, this form of gathering provides a welcome opportunity for friends to stop by, pay their respects, and offer emotional support to you. Often, the immediate family arrives a bit early to have some private, personal time with the person who has died.

Funeral VisitationA funeral service can be a formal, religious observance, conducted by a member of the clergy or a Baue Celebrant, or it can be more casual and non-denominational with poetry readings and candle lighting and special lifestyle music. The ceremony may include a eulogy and a selection of special music. Our funeral directors can explain the wide variety of choices that make the funeral service memorable and meaningful.

We have a Certified Celebrant on staff that has worked with hundreds of families to create a fitting life tribute. Baue is the only service company in the region with a full time Celebrant on staff.

Personal touches such as special music, displays of personal items, memory boards or unique funeral merchandise can help further tell the story of the life that is being honored.

These rituals are not limited to families who choose burial as form of final disposition. The choice of a visitation and funeral is an option for families who prefer cremation as well.

Also making arrangements in advance, gives you time to consider your options and make decisions on how you want to be remembered. You can get started today with our online preplanning guide.

We believe that every life has meaning and should be remembered and honored in a way that has meaning to survivors and reflects the life of the person who has died.

Funeral ceremonies are designed with our experienced arrangers who specialize in event planning and can assist you and your family in creating a special ceremony that is right for you and can honor or celebrate a life lived.

See our planning guide for ideas and guidelines for service planning.

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