At Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory & Cemetery, we have tremendous respect and appreciation for our community of hospice caregivers. This may be a hospice professional- physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, CNA, a healthcare administrative professional, volunteer, or anyone else who is seen as an important caregiver in our community.

During the end of a loved one’s life, a hospice professional is a shining light of comfort for many families. They go above and beyond to assure the family they are serving is also being cared for and assists them with the many questions they have surrounding funeral services.

In an effort to recognize these dedicated people for their selfless devotion and generosity of heart, we have created our “Hospice Caregiver Award” program.

Each month, Baue seeks out these caregivers. By the way of nomination, families and co-workers have the opportunity to submit a form to elect a hospice caregiver who is special to them to be our monthly caregiver.

Hospice caregivers give so much in the way of assistance and generosity to those they are caring for, that at times, they may not realize how much of themselves they are giving. Our award allows families and co-workers of a hospice caregiver to put into writing the impact they’ve made on someone’s life.

When our monthly recipient is chosen, we read the submission aloud in front of their team members, allowing them to receive the gratitude that at times, may otherwise go unnoticed.

We encourage you to nominate a caregiver for our Hospice Caregiver Award program today. Click here to nominate.