Cremation Options

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Cremation options. The personal choice.

After the cremation process is complete, the choices for remembering your loved one are just beginning. In fact, cremation offers many opportunities for honor and remembrance, and they’re all available at our cemetery, St. Charles Memorial Gardens.

The Cremation Garden Areas are a popular choice. You can honor your loved one more deeply with your choice of memorialization.

If you own a Family Grave Area, it can be utilized for burial. Honor, Talk & Remember. Call 636-352-1010Create a lasting memorial at the site with your selection of a grave plaque, marker, or monument.

Our Columbarium Niche Areas offer an above-ground resting place for the cremated remains of your loved one, and provides a comfortable, quiet places for family visits and recollection. The front of the niche may be made of bronze, granite, or other rich material.

Some families choose to keep the urn at home, or divide the cremated remains among smaller, individual keepsakes, carved wood boxes, or other containers to share with family members. Today’s urns are truly unique and truly individual, incorporating clocks, memento boxes, candlesticks, or carvings that honor military service, law enforcement, and other professions.

Choices of tributes exist for every taste, tradition, and budget. Our funeral and cemetery planning directors are always at your service to show you the many meaningful selections.

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