Meet Kim Brueck

Manager Pet Serviceskim_brueck

Kim Brueck has been the Manager of Baue Pet Services since January 2015. She was raised in Florissant, Missouri and attended Meramec College and the Midwest Institute for Veterinary Technician.

She has been married since June 2000 and has two beautiful daughters, Kayla and Mya. Kim’s love for animals dates back to when she was a child – she has had several dogs, cats, birds and a guinea pig throughout her lifetime. Today, Kim has three family dogs. In her spare time, Kim enjoys traveling, camping, and boating with her family. She is also a member of Element Church.

Kim believes pets are like family and she enjoys helping families honor the life of their pet. ‘Everyone who experiences the loss of a deeply beloved animal deserves the same acknowledgment, loving support, and opportunities for compassion. Working together in the circle of people who deeply love animals, we can honor our animals who have died, while also honoring each other with effective, appropriate, and loving support.’ Kim understands that the grief we have for our pet deserves to be honored and supported with great love and tender compassion.