Teddy by the numbers:

9 months old, 32 pounds, 23″ long

For the majority of May and June, Teddy spent time with his new trainer, Carrier Guion. He had a great time playing with other dogs, and learning how to listen to his commands while outside without a leash!

Now, Teddy can “come,” “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” all without a leash.  Currently he is refining his skills and of staying in his “place” and walking with a loose leash.


Check out the video below to see Teddy training outside at our st. Charles Funeral Home!

Teddy is very happy to be home with Kelly, her children and one of his best friends, Snowflake the cat. Their family has been getting plenty of Teddy Time since his return home in June.

IMG_2452  IMG_2627  IMG_2593

Teddy jumped right back into work, and attended two Hospice BaueQ events as well as our Educational Grief Support Groups. He looks forward to meeting new groups of people, and loves to ride in the car.

Teddy at hospice bbq    IMG_2640 (1)   IMG_2570

Stay tuned for more updates of Teddy and how his training is progressing.