Teddy by the Numbers:

March 2016

6 months old, 30 pounds, 21.5″ long


Teddy spent a great deal of his time in March out in the community.  He went to his first Cottleville St. Patrick’s Day parade where he met several new faces while walking in the parade!  Teddy had such a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, that he didn’t want to stop – so he went to the Silver & Gold St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon to continue the celebrations.

IMG_1455 DSC_0109


As Teddy marches towards becoming a certified grief therapy dog, he has become more aware of his surroundings.  This month, Teddy was visiting our St. Charles Funeral Home, and noticed our doves.  He and our two doves have become friends, and Teddy visits them on occasion. Teddy has also attended grief support groups with Kelly.  During the group sessions, he enjoyed going from person to person to give them lots of love and attention. Teddy’s skills have progressed, and he has graduated from his first obedience training class, and is moving onto the next session of training in April. Keep a look out on his blog for video updates as his skills continue to improve!