St. Charles Memorial Gardens

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Memories. They live forever. St. Charles County’s Finest Cemetery

The people we love live in our hearts forever. That’s why it’s important to have a special place to remember them. For families who choose traditional burial, and for those who choose cremation, Baue’s cemetery, St. Charles Memorial Gardens offers many beautiful ways to memorialize and honor life.

St. Charles Memorial GardensOur lovely cemetery, which celebrated 50 years in 2011, contains lakeside gardens, areas with religious themes, special scattering gardens for returning cremated remains to nature, columbarium niches, urn gardens, mausoleums, Honor, Talk & Remember. Call 636-352-1010the Garden of Little Angels for infants, and the Veterans Field of Honor, a special reserved area to provide honorably discharged veterans free cemetery space.

Garden of the Pines
Garden of the Pines in the Northeast section of the cemetery opened August 1, 2012.

The Garden of Tranquility
On the Northern side of the lake, The Garden of Tranquility includes Unique Cremation Gardens and Private Upright Estates. Enjoy our walking path and floral gardens in this serene setting that honors loved ones with one of our many types of monuments, benches, and cremation options.  Our Tranquility Mausoleum located in the Garden of Tranquility is now open.

Free Spaces for Veterans
For over 50 years, St. Charles Memorial Gardens has been honoring Veterans with Free Interment Spaces. We believe in supporting our area veterans and paying tribute to their service to our Country. Veterans spaces will be available in the Garden of the Pines after August 1, 2012

Many more options are available at St. Charles Memorial Gardens – we invite you to come speak with us to learn more about your options.  Our cemetery offices are conveniently located inside the lower level of the Baue Funeral & Memorial Center.

St. Charles Memorial Gardens encourages the use of floral tributes. The beauty and continuity of the cemetery depends on the cooperative efforts of all families who have loved ones entrusted in our care.

Cemetery Clean Up Days: 

General Clean-Up Days

In order to maintain the grounds to the highest standards for all, the grounds staff will completely clear all grave spaces and mausoleums of grave blankets, wreaths, and holiday items on the following date: January 5, 2015

Vases and shepherd’s hooks are not disturbed.  Artificial items removed on January 5, 2015 will be available for family pick up at the Maintenance Building grounds inside the gate from 7am to 2pm daily for two months.


Grounds staff will completely clear the entire cemetery including the mausoleums of all decorations and shepherd’s hooks on the following dates: February 23, 2015       September 14, 2015

Arrangements frozen in vases will be removed when they thaw.  Floral arrangements that are removed during February and September clean-up days are not saved; shepherd’s hooks pulled are available for family pick up at the Maintenance Building grounds from 7am to 2pm.


Wreaths and Grave Blankets

Wreaths and evergreen grave blankets are permitted after Thanksgiving Day and may be ordered through our Flower and Gift Shop.  They will be removed January 5, 2015, weather permitting.  SCMG is not responsible for these items if they become missing from the grave; replacement requests will be at the cost of the lot owner.


Approved Containers & Decorations 

Graves with memorial markers WITH bronze vase: Flowers and/or shepherd’s hook IN the vase

Graves with NO marker and/or NO bronze vase:  Temporary plastic vase at the head of the grave with flowers and/or single shepherd’s hook IN the vase.

Only one arrangement per grave space is allowed (exception:  see “Garden of the Little Angels”).


Approved Floral Arrangements

Fresh-cut flowers or artificial flowers made of silk, polyethylene, or similar material are permitted year round.  However, they will be removed when, in the judgement of the grounds staff, they are unsightly.  All arrangements must be within a vase or hang from a single shepherd’s hook (see Approved Containers & Decorations Allowed).


Approved Shepherd’s Hook

A single shepherd’s hook is allowed with a maximum height of 37 inches.  Double hooks are not allowed.

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