We’re proud to announce that Lisa Baue has been chosen to serve on the board of Selected Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH).This national organization is by invitation only and requires a high standard of care be maintained by the members of the organization to the families that they serve.

This post continues a tradition of service set by her grandfather, Arthur C. Baue, who served 1951-54; and her father, David C. Baue, who also served, 1963-66.

“I’m so honored and humbled. As we celebrate our 80 years of history, I am reminded that I walk in the footsteps of the previous generations’. This board position allows me to serve, just like my father and grandfather before me.

Every member of this association is a family business like Baue. We work together to help one another provide the best services possible to the families in our communities. I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned from fellow members and how that has helped me better serve the families of St. Charles and St. Louis Counties. I look forward to serving and assisting fellow owners through this great organization.”

-Lisa A. Baue


Art Lisa Dave2

1st Generation, Arthur C. Baue, 3rd Generation, Lisa A. Baue, and 2nd Generation, David C. Baue



1st Generation Owner, Arthur C. Baue at the 1954 National Selected Morticians Board

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2nd Generation Owner, David C. Baue joins the 1963 National Selected Morticians Board as a new member.