Life’s challenges and grief can overwhelm us at the most inopportune times. While work can be a nice distraction, you will inevitably experience a wave of emotions from time to time.  It is important to remember a few things:

  1. Treat Yourself Right.
    You may be embarrassed and angry that these feelings have overwhelmed you while working, but getting frustrated at those emotions will only amplify them and frustrate you more.  Allow yourself to feel sad, allow yourself to cry – comfort yourself.  Just as you would treat a best friend or a relative, be kind and gentle to yourself.  You may also experience illness as a result of a depressed immune system when grieving; if you can, talk with your supervisor about taking some sick days to give your body some rest.
  2. Talk it Out.
    It is important for both you, and others, to acknowledge your loss.  The grieving process involves the expression of intense emotions, having someone to talk with while you are experiencing these emotions is imperative.  The most intense emotions may not surface until as many as 6 weeks after your loss so try having a support system ready for you when the need to talk arises.
  3. Remember That This is a Process.
    Grief doesn’t leave when your visitors leave.  In most cases, this is when the feeling will intensify.  You haven’t just lost something or someone, you’ve lost a part of yourself and for some, part of your identity.  It takes time, and it always will – so be conscious of the fact that these emotions can surface without notice. Do not bury these, let them come to the forefront and ride out in waves as they have done before.

Always remember that the most important aspect of grieving is to take care of yourself.  If you would like more information on the Grief Support Programs that Baue Funeral Homes offers, visit our website.