Grief & Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga, by definition, is the cessation of the whirling of the mind, although the mind may never truly be still. All you really need to do is be present. Yoga is a very personal experience that we make our very own every time we show up. 

What is Grief Yoga?

Grief Yoga is a way to begin helping you reconnect with your body, mind, and breath. It’s usually a gentle flow, nothing too extensive, that helps guide you in your own personal practice. Some different breathing and relaxation techniques may be introduced as well. What you take away from Grief Yoga depends on what you experience in yoga, and every class will be different every time. You just need to show up with an open mind and a yoga mat and let our certified instructor guide you in the rest. 

Our Grief Yoga Instructor

Our Grief Yoga instructor is Kim Van Dyke-O’very, Register Yoga Teacher. She was certified at the 200-hour level from Jane’s House of Well Being in 2017 but has been doing yoga as a personal practice for many years. 

Kim was introduced to Grief Yoga last year when she substituted a class for a fellow teacher and left feeling more gratified than she ever had leaving any yoga studio in the past. She’s not exactly sure why, maybe just the commonality of everyone making the commitment to be there for themselves and going through grief in one way or another, made it seem like such a unified experience for all. Not to mention the people themselves were amazing and so welcoming. 

Learn More

Registration for our Grief Yoga sessions are open, and classes begin on February 7th. To learn more, click here.