Recently, I read an article about scientists who are experimenting with glue that is safe and strong enough to fix your heart when it’s literally torn. Here’s the link if you’re interested: “Cure for Broken Hearts: New Glue Can Mend Heart Wounds”

Wow, the medicinal advancements are astonishing. But where’s the “glue” that can fix our broken-but physically ok- hearts?  Most everyone I know: family, friends, clients, strangers on the news, etc, who suffers from a loss asks some sort of question related to how they can patch up the pieces of their heart.

With Valentines Day approaching, we’ll see hearts all over the place. Remember in grade school when this holiday was a time when we received little Valentine cards? And us girls would giggle if a boy gave us one? We looked forward to the cupcakes the teacher gave out. In high school, we were excited if we were asked to the Sweetheart Dance. In college, we hoped to get a date, and for one night we didn’t have to eat ramen noodles for dinner! After college, we hoped to get diamonds or THE diamond. Oh, the giddy-ness.

Or what about, Oh, the sting. Maybe we were the kid who didn’t get any card or just one while we saw other classmates get so many cards they spilled out of their back pack. Or our cupcake got knocked off our desk and landed on the floor, icing down. In high school, the acne and braces and awkwardness barely let us get through class much less trying to dance with someone. In college, maybe we didn’t get that night off in between the midnight shifts and big projects. After college, we give into the thought of how this day is now just a day invented by Hallmark. No diamond, no date. Or maybe you had some great V days and now this V day seems extra lonely.

 What’s my point? All of these situations show change. Look at the advancements with medicine. Medicine has come a long way. And who knows when the next break through is going to happen…today? Tomorrow? Next year? We get those advancements from people who try, fail, try again and again and again.

Maybe you were the kid who got extra cupcakes but later on had 25 valentines without one cheesy teddy bear and rose. But now, you found someone who is with you every day, not just on Feb. 14th. Maybe you were the awkward duckling but was one of those lucky ones who found your soul mate soon after. Our circumstances change.

Maybe this is the hardest Valentines you have ever faced. But, you CAN get through that day. Try. Try. Try. Your heart may feel like it’s broken, especially with extra sightings of heart-shapes everywhere this month, and we may not have the magical glue that takes away that pain, but that doesn’t mean your heart can’t be healed. The “glue” is to keep trying, monitor even the slightest change (you met friends for lunch today…great! Last month you canceled because you couldn’t yet). Allow yourself to feel that pain but also allow yourself a break from it. And by doing so, you’re slowly piecing your heart together without even realizing it. You won’t be in this piercing pain every single year because change is inevitable.

-Sarah Junghans

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