I was recently reading a Reader’s Digest article entitled “13+ Things a Funeral Director Won’t Tell You”.  While it is extremely unfortunate that some businesses do not operate under best practices, the family and staff at Baue’s upholds to the industry’s highest standards of excellence.  Below you will find the article’s contents along with Baue’s approach to serving families.

The article says:

“1.Go ahead and plan your funeral, but think twice before paying in advance. You risk losing everything if the funeral home goes out of business. Instead, keep your money in a pay-on-death account at your bank.”

Baue Funeral Homes places money in trusts to offset the price increases and the trust is deposited and administered by Enterprise Bank. If Baue went out of business the trust asset cannot be touched. We use only best rating “A” companies to fund.  Baue has thousands of satisfied families that have prepaid, and that’s why it is important to use a well established Funeral Home. 

“2. If you or your spouse is an honorably discharged veteran, burial is free at a Veterans Affairs National Cemetery. This includes the grave, vault, opening and closing, marker, and setting fee. Many State Veterans Cemeteries offer free burial for veterans and, often, spouses.”

Baue serves many Veterans that utilize Jefferson Barracks.  Services are not provided or paid for by the government.  Our sister company St. Charles Memorial Gardens also provides a free Veterans spaces for those who prefer to have the convenience of our location.

3. You can buy caskets that are just as nice as the ones in my showroom for thousands of dollars less online from Walmart, Costco, or straight from a manufacturer.”

You may purchase a casket anywhere you please. We provide our families a broad spectrum of caskets to choose from at reasonable prices. 

4. On a budget or concerned about the environment?  Consider a rental casket. The body stays inside the casket in a thick cardboard container, which is then removed for burial or cremation.”

Baue has a rental offering that meets our families’ needs.

5. Running a funeral home without a refrigerated holding room is like running a restaurant without a walk-in cooler, but many funeral homes don’t offer one because they want you to pay for the more costly option: embalming. Most bodies can be presented very nicely without it if you have the viewing within a few days of death.”

Baue has all the facilities that our families need or choose, including any preservation service.

6. Some hard-sell phrases to be wary of:  “Given your position in the community …,” “I’m sure you want what’s best for your mother,” and “Your mother had excellent taste. When she made arrangements for Aunt Nellie, this is what she chose.”

We do not use any “technique” that would pressure a family into anything. We explain all our services that Honor Life and ask questions that help a family create a unique service, many that are low cost or free.

7. “Protective” caskets with a rubber gasket? They don’t stop decomposition. In fact, the moisture and gases they trap inside have caused caskets to explode.”

We have caskets that are made of several materials in wood or metal.  If a casket with a gasket ever malfunctioned, it would be caused by exposure to air in a mausoleum. Gasketed caskets were invented to meet a consumer need. 

8. If there’s no low-cost casket in the display room, ask to see one anyway.  Some funeral homes hide them in the basement or the boiler room.”

We show our families all of our selections and engage in the highest ethics and standards in funeral service.

9. Ask the crematory to return the ashes in a plain metal or plastic container — not one stamped temporary container.  That’s just a sleazy tactic to get you to purchase a more expensive urn.”

Baue feels that our customers should have many options available to suit their needs. We do not use tactics to get a family to purchase something they do not want. However, we feel each customer should be educated and have choices that will be satisfying to their family. 

10. Shop around.  Prices at funeral homes vary wildly, with direct cremation costing $500 at one funeral home and $3,000 down the street. (Federal law requires that prices be provided over the phone.)”

Please shop around. You will find that we meet any family financial need. Compare facilities, staff, professionalism and community support. 

11. We remove pacemakers because the batteries damage our crematories.”

We do remove the pacemaker, defibulator, pain pump, etc. (anything with a battery). The batteries heat up and explode. This could damage our equipment or even injure personnel. The family has two choices as to the disposition of the device. We can either dispose of it with the biohazardous waste or return it to the family. There are companies that recycle them. 

12. If they try to sell you a package that they say will save you money, ask for the individual price list anyway. Packages often include services you don’t want or need.”

We give all pricing information and allow families to choose what services them best to Honor Life and create a unique service for their loved ones, catering facilities and event planning. 

13. ‘Yes, technically I am an undertaker or a mortician. But doesn’t funeral director have a nicer ring to it?’ ”

Medicine man, doctor, physician, mid-wife, RN, nurses, many names have changed to reflect the changes in any profession. Funeral Director came about because the people changed the way we serve. Event coordinator, Life Celebrant…what’s next is up to those who ask us for changes in the profession.

14. Sure, you can store ashes in an urn or scatter them somewhere special, but nowadays you can also have them crushed into a real diamond, integrated into an underwater coral reef, or blasted into space.”

The consumer has dictated their wants and desires and we as a company have felt the need to offer options resulting from their requests. Cremation consumers have shown that they prefer custom, non-traditional options. They are eager to shop around to find what meets their needs. We strive to be the premier custom provider for families honoring their loved ones.