Did You Know Baue Is Certified by The Green Burial Council?

In 1998, the first green cemetery in the US opened. The idea was simple, find a way to honor loved ones in a more eco-friendly manner than traditional burials. Green burials use natural embalming processes and biodegradable caskets. By creating the option of green burial, individuals can choose to reduce their impact on the environment and allow their bodies to naturally return to the Earth.

The movement toward green burials was given a jumpstart by the Green Burial Council, which was founded in 2005 to encourage the protection of natural environments. By creating an official institution to accredit green burial practices, the movement continued to grow. Since then, the Green Burial Council has begun certifying funeral homes for their green burial practices and allowed for the expansion of the environmentally-conscious practice.

To better accommodate the community we serve, Baue chose to begin offering green burials. Today, Baue is the only Green Burial Council certified funeral home in Missouri. Baue also offers plant-based and vanilla-bean derived, non-formaldehyde embalming options. For families choosing cremation, we offer a flameless option, scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. It is a natural, gentle, and eco-friendly alternative offering many of the environment benefits of green burial. The process uses water instead of flame, expending 85% less energy than traditional cremation. Through each of these green options, we provide individuals and their loved ones a choice to honor the environment in both life and death without sacrificing the love and care we pride ourselves on providing.

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