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Our Cremation Code of Ethics

At Baue Funeral Homes and St. Charles Memorial Gardens, we believe it is your right to full disclosure. This means you are entitled to review the various service and merchandise options we offer as well as being advised of any legal or policy requirements that may have an impact on the decisions you are making.

Your Rights

  • The survivors have the right to select services from our General Price List.
  • The survivors have the right to view and select from a variety of cremation merchandise used in the cremation process (cremation containers) and used to subsequently contain the cremated remains (urn).
  • The survivors have the right to review a Cremation Authorization Form and have answered any questions or concerns before signing the form.
  • The survivors have the right to be advised of various funeral home policies and applicable legal requirements prior to finalizing the cremation arrangements.

Identification of the Deceased

  • When the deceased is transferred from the place of death, it is in the best interests of the survivors and the funeral home crematory to ensure the correct identity of the deceased person before the cremation process takes place.
  • The identification must be for a very short time only and may be done by anyone who represents his or her ability to do so.
  • Prior to the identification, the mouth and eyes of the deceased are closed by generally accepted methods of mortuary science (for aesthetic purposes). A disinfectant cleaning of the deceased is applied as deemed necessary by the mortician.
  • Identification will take place in the container/casket chosen by the survivor.
  • The survivors are required to provide clothing for the identification.

Missouri Law

  • Missouri law requires that no deceased remains shall be cremated until after a completed death certificate is received. It must be signed by a licensed physician and filed by a licensed funeral establishment or a person acting as such with the local registrar. The legal requirements of processing the death certificate before cremation may make it necessary to refrigerate the deceased remains if a service with embalming is not selected.

The Cremation Process

  • One deceased individual will be cremated during the cremation process.
  • The cremated remains, consisting of bone fragments, will be diligently removed from the cremation chamber and reduced to small fragments. Because the cremation chamber is lined with a porous material, it is not always possible to remove small traces of cremated remains.
  • The cremation process may be observed by the survivors if they wish, with a signed release form.
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