Today is Teddy’s Birthday

Today is my 3rd birthday! Thank you to all who celebrated early with me yesterday. Especially thank you to Treats Unleashed – O'Fallon for the yummy birthday cake! Thank you to Meribeth with Dogs on Duty and Carrie with K9 Kamp Dog Training for joining us! I am so lucky to work with such a [...]

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Teddy Talks: Teddy’s Wellness Fair

Teddy Talks: Teddy's Wellness Fair I had a blast at my 1st Annual Wellness Fair! Over 100 people and furry friends spent the bright sunny day with me celebrating pet wellness and raising money for Dogs on Duty and Missouri Lost and Found Paws! We had such a great time listening to music, splashing in the doggy pools, enjoying the [...]

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Teddy Talks: St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon!

I had an incredible time today at the Silver & Gold St. Patrick's Day luncheon! There were over 200 people who attended and most were wearing green! It was so great seeing familiar faces and also new faces that I can now call my friends. While in attendance, I had a chance to walk around [...]

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Teddy Talks: New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! With the start of 2018, there are many thoughts in my mind - most of which are about the new year. What do I want to add to my life? Change? Enhance? Make better? For me, 2017 was a big year! I met with many families who needed my help. As a [...]

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Teddy Talks: Hospice Caregiver Awards Luncheon

Today was incredible, I had the opportunity to meet with several hospices and their incredible employees at the annual Hospice Caregivers Award Luncheon! To work in hospice, you must be a one of a kind person; someone who puts everyone’s needs above yours. A hospice worker’s selfless actions and open heart filled with generosity and [...]

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Teddy Talks: 10 Pet Halloween Safety Tips

As October comes to an end, I've noticed there are a lot of houses in my neighborhood with outdoor decorations and pumpkins on porches. My mom said at the end of October every year, many people celebrate by dressing up in costumes and going door to door saying "Trick or Treat!" She also said that [...]

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Teddy Talks: Helping Our Grieving Community

On Tuesday of this week, I traveled to the Family Arena where I was told there would be several people who may need my help. Little did I know, there were almost 500 people from our community gathered together to listen to the renowned speaker, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. He discussed self-care, six important needs of mourning, [...]

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Paws to Remember

Baue Pet Services annual Paws to Remember pet honoring ceremony will be held at Legacy Park (5490 Fifth Street, Cottleville MO, 63304) on Sunday, September 24 at 3:30pm. The ceremony will include a reading of names, a presentation from grief counselor, Kelly Karavousanos, LPC, CT on how to care for and support yourself, and a Bubble Ceremony. Following the service, there [...]

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Teddy’s Fun Filled Summer!

Teddy’s Fun Filled Summer! Teddy’s summer is in full swing! He has kept busy by attending the Heartland Hospice BBQ and the BJC Hospice BBQ, delighting all the attendees. He also attended the 8th Annual Seeds of Hope Program where he spent time with families. Teddy continues to be very intuitive toward those who need [...]

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Teddy Honors Veterans

  Teddy Honors Veterans The month of May was busy for Teddy. He attended a Hospice BBQ at Nurses and Company, the Grand Opening of our 4th location, the 56th Annual Memorial Day Program, and 2 family visitations. At the 56th Annual Memorial Day Program, Teddy spent time with veterans and their families. In addition to Teddy’s Instagram [...]

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Teddy’s April Training

Teddy has been continuing to attend Baue Grief Support Groups. The attendees are disappointed when he doesn’t attend and they look forward to visiting with him when he is there. He has been requested at two funerals this past month where he has provided families with comfort and love as he visits with them. Teddy [...]

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Teddy Worked Hard and Celebrated Mardi Gras!

Teddy started off the month of February working very hard! He attended an event at Bass Pro Shops hosted by Dogs on Duty, and attended a St. Charles Rotary meeting at the Baue Funeral and Memorial Center. Teddy was the topic of conversation during the Rotary meeting and received hugs, belly rubs, and pats on [...]

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