Teddy gets interviewed by KSDK!

Tune in to watch Teddy! We're thrilled to have Teddy interviewed by KSDK! It is our hope that this interview help inform our community about the new and innovated ways Baue is serving others. A special thank you to all of the KSDK staff who were involved in the interview process. Click here [...]

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10th Annual Seeds of Hope

10th Annual Seeds of Hope   On Saturday, June 22nd, we held our 10th Annual Seeds of Hope Remembrance Program at our Cave Springs Chapel. 4th Generation John Baue Devaney welcomed families to our beautiful summer remembrance program. Director of Grief Services, Kristen Ernst, LPC, spoke about grief and loss. Celebrant Pat Rankin honored the families in [...]

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Grief & Yoga

Grief & Yoga What is Yoga? Yoga, by definition, is the cessation of the whirling of the mind, although the mind may never truly be still. All you really need to do is be present. Yoga is a very personal experience that we make our very own every time we show up.  What is Grief Yoga? [...]

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Holidays Without Your Loved One

The Holiday Season is typically full of joy and love, everyone looks forward to them all year long. I personally have friends who listen to Christmas music all year long because of the joy it brings them.  However, when you lose someone you love you may find yourself being torn between wanting to be joyful [...]

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Understanding Grief

The days are becoming shorter now and the mornings are becoming crisper, fall is on the way. Many of us look forward to the comforts of the fall season such as comfy sweaters, backyard fire pits, and pumpkin spice everything. However, for those in acute grief there is more of a sense of dread rather [...]

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Grief is a Process

Grief is a Process Soon after the death of a loved one, many people start wondering, "how long is this pain going to last?" "How long will it be until I feel something close to closure?" or "When will I just start to feel like my old self again?" The truth is that in grief [...]

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2018 Seeds of Hope Remembrance Program

2018 Seeds of Hope Remembrance Program Since 2010, hundreds of families have attended the Annual Seeds of Hope Remembrance Program sponsored by Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory and Cemetery in St. Charles, Missouri. This year, families will have an opportunity to participate in the planting of wildflower seeds in memory of their loved one. This tribute is designed to leave a [...]

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Transforming Seasons of Grief

Transforming Seasons of Grief There is so much to love about living in Missouri. One of the best is the ability to witness the dramatic change of seasons. Right now spring is upon us and there is so much to see. Robins and Cardinal birds flitting in the trees, green grass growing like a soft [...]

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Emotional Crayons: 4 Activities for Children

In my experience working with individuals who struggle with grief and trauma, I find that it is common to struggle with knowing where to begin processing these experiences.  An idea came to me as I helped my child sift through her crayons and markers, throwing out the dried-up markers and deciding what to do with [...]

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