Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global holiday designed to giving back to your community and loved ones. Sharing gifts and generosity also includes sharing one of the most priceless gifts there is - the gift of stories and information. Every family has a wealth of memories that are sometimes lost if not written down or shared [...]

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Learn What Matters Most to Your Loved Ones

Having family and friends together offers the ideal setting for people to share the most important moments of their lives. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to talk to your family in an open and honest discussion about their wishes, and their life. Our free Holiday Guide has fun Thanksgiving activities, games, a family tree worksheet, and [...]

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How Your Family Can Learn From Prince’s Mistake

“Without a plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin  The sad news of the musical legend Prince, and his untimely death, has been all over the news.  There have been many career highlight reels, notable performance videos, and tributes to his strong influence on many singers and musicians. Something many fans found when [...]

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Honoring a Husband

St. Charles County resident, Lynn Brown was a caregiver for her husband during his battle with cancer. Even while on hospice, Lynn provided Tom with around the clock care to comfort him as much as possible. After his passing, Lynn along with her son and daughter, chose Baue to create a life honoring tribute for [...]

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What is a Contemporary Funeral Gathering?

Instead of a formal, structured funeral service, a contemporary gathering is a more casual event. It remembers and honors the person who has died, and it is an important way to begin the process of healing from the loss. This form of tribute might be a small, casual gathering in one of our funeral homes [...]

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