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Community Message

Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory, and Cemetery is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our valued staff and helping the community we serve to do the same. We have been closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We [...]

March 13th, 2020|Blog, Uncategorized|

5 Reasons Families Choose to Plan Ahead

5 Reasons Families Choose to Plan Ahead   Why do families choose to plan ahead? Just about everyone comes to me with a slightly different reason but the benefits of pre-planning boil down to these 5 things:   Protecting Your Family During Their Grief Financial and emotional decisions that would burden your family later are [...]

March 9th, 2020|Advanced Funeral Planning, Blog|

National Eating Disorder Week

National Eating Disorder Week   Monday was the start of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and it runs through March 1st. 30 million people will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime, and less than 30% of those people will seek treatment. Many times, treatment is a financial luxury that many cannot afford. Time [...]

February 28th, 2020|Blog|

Teddy gets interviewed by KSDK!

Tune in to watch Teddy! We're thrilled to have Teddy interviewed by KSDK! It is our hope that this interview help inform our community about the new and innovated ways Baue is serving others. A special thank you to all of the KSDK staff who were involved in the interview process. Click here [...]

February 13th, 2020|Blog, Grief Support, Teddy|

The Death of a Celebrity

The Death of a Celebrity   The Kobe Bryant Tragedy The Kobe Bryant tragedy has been a topic of discussion in social media, television, and at the grocery store checkouts or dinner tables around the world for a little over a week. Whether you are a Lakers fan, love the game of basketball, or care [...]

February 4th, 2020|Blog|

John Baue Devaney on KMOX about Teddy

We were so excited to have Teddy be a feature on KMOX Radio. John Baue Devaney talks about Teddy, how he was trained and the difference he makes for families and the community. Listen Now>> Teddy-Comforts-Young-Man-at-Front   Learn more about Teddy or request Teddy for an organization or service.  

February 3rd, 2020|Blog, Teddy|

Why Prearrange Your Funeral?

Why Prearrange Your Funeral? “I don’t want my family to have to deal with this.” Having two kids, this reason resonates with me deeply when it comes to looking at the future. For our families, we do our best to make decisions that will protect, enrich and better their lives. One of the most important [...]

February 3rd, 2020|Advanced Funeral Planning, Blog|

Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder

After everyone has survived the holidays, winter seems to drag on.  Many people state that the short days, long nights and cold weather keep people in hibernation mode.  It is hectic to bundle up and nerve racking to drive in the nasty weather.  Seasonal affective disorder is very common and can be self-diagnosed.  This is [...]

January 8th, 2020|Blog|

12 Days of Christmas Silver & Gold Luncheon!

12 Days of Christmas Silver & Gold Luncheon! We celebrated our Silver & Gold Holiday Luncheon in style at The Christy Banquet Center sponsored by Villages of St. Peters and Villages of St. Peters Memory Care! Our theme was 12 Days of Christmas, and the costumes did not disappoint!  We danced to the music of [...]

December 10th, 2019|Blog|

32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance 

32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance     We held our 32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance Programs at each of our funeral home chapels to honor our communities’ loved ones.  "It is truly an honor helping families through their grief journey this holiday season with our name reading and beautiful candle lighting ceremonies," stated 4th generation John Baue Devaney.  The four programs were [...]

December 9th, 2019|Blog, Community Events|