To work in hospice, you must be a one of a kind person; someone who puts everyone’s needs above yours. A hospice worker’s selfless actions and open heart filled with generosity and care makes an end of life experience for families more comfortable. Today, Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory, and Cemetery showed appreciation to all hospice caregivers at our 4th Annual Hospice Caregivers Award Luncheon.

The day began with a complimentary expo for the hospice caregivers in attendance to take a moment to care for themselves – which as we know isn’t done often. The expo offered makeup samples, jewelry, hand massages, and more. After giving them time to unwind, we began our luncheon where each monthly hospice caregiver winner was recognized for their devotion and being a shining light of comfort to their patients.


We also announced our Annual Hospice Caregiver Award Winner, Debra Haikal, RN at Alternative Hospice. Each of our winners is chosen through a panel that looks for someone who embodies the following characteristics:

  • Communicating sensitively with patients and loved ones
  • Listening carefully, showing empathy and instilling hope
  • Respecting patients values, culture, choices and decisions
  • Understanding the significance of patients’ families and community

Debra’s nomination was read aloud at the luncheon, and it was clear to see she exceeded all our expectations of the meaning of compassionate care.

dsc_0586“Debbie has shown such great compassion and dedication to her clients in just the 6 months that I have worked with her here at Alternative Hospice. 

Debbie goes above and beyond what is required of her to ensure that her clients are comfortable and well cared for and her families are well educated and prepared at the end of life. She has the highest of standards, is quite knowledgeable in traditional and alternative medicines. Debbie has had some challenging cases with some very young clients which she has handled with grace and integrity and has been such an advocate for these clients. Debbie is truly a blessing to our company and to those that she serves.”

The work a hospice professional takes on is truly inspirational, and we carry so much gratitude in our hearts. Our luncheon today was a token of thanks and appreciation for what they do each day to go above and beyond for the families they serve.

For more information on our Monthly Hospice Caregiver nominations, please click here or call Kelly Karavousanos, LPC, CT at 636-328-0878.