32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance 


We held our 32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance Programs at each of our funeral home chapels to honor our communities’ loved ones. 

“It is truly an honor helping families through their grief journey this holiday season with our name reading and beautiful candle lighting ceremonies,” stated 4th generation John Baue Devaney. 

The four programs were complimentary, open to the public, and gave families the opportunity to grieve in peace the death of their loved ones during the holiday season. We honored loved ones with a name reading ceremony by our on-staff Celebrant, Pat Rankin, accompanied by music, and candle lighting memorial. 

“I’ve had the privilege and the honor of officiating at all the Holiday Remembrances over these many years with Baue. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together for a time of remembrance, celebration of their loved one’s lives, and healing,” Celebrate Pat Rankin stated, continuing, “I am so blessed to have the honor of reading their loved one’s names during the beautiful candle lighting ceremony, knowing that just hearing their loved one’s names brings back many memories and emotions and the room is filled with love and support for one another.” 

Grief Services Director, and Director of Center for Hope & Healing, Kristen Ernst gave a talk about grief during the holidays. 

Kristen Ernst said, “the Holiday Remembrance Programs are a healthy way to implement a beautiful tradition to honor your loved one that has died.  It’s an opportunity to be with like-minded individuals who are also grieving during the holiday season.  I am honored to be a part of these services where we give tribute to the loved ones that have gone on before us and help others normalize their strong emotions of grief.” 

Our grief comfort dog, Teddy Baue, attended all four programs and was able to help and comfort those who were grieving with some cuddling and petting. Teddy continues to provide comfort at support groups and even individual counseling sessions. You can even request Teddy’s services here.

To learn more about Teddy, and keep up with his story, follow him on Instagram: @TeddyBaue. 

If you’re having difficulty coping with grief, we are here to help. Baue Grief Services and Center for Hope & Healing offer resources to help you deal with your loss, because we understand how important it is for you to honor your loved one’s memory by moving past sadness and back into life. Call 636-328-0878 for support, or to learn more about all we have to offer.  

Below are pictures from our 32nd Annual Holiday Remembrance Programs: