31st Annual Holiday Remembrance


With the holidays among us, Baue Funeral Homes, Cemetery, and Crematory held their 31st  Annual Holiday Remembrance Programs at each of their funeral home chapels to honor the community’s loved ones.

The four programs were free, open to the public and gave families the opportunity to grieve in peace the death of their loved ones during the holiday season. We honored loved ones with a name reading ceremony accompanied by music and candle lighting memorial.

Our grief comfort dog, Teddy Baue, attended all four programs and was able to help and comfort those who were grieving with some cuddling and petting. Teddy continues to provide comfort at support groups and even individual counseling sessions.

To learn more about Teddy, and keep up with his story, follow him on Instagram: @TeddyBaue.

Along with our Holiday Remembrance Programs, we also provide holiday grief classes. These groups focus on providing a safe place to express feelings, remember your loved one, and to think together about what it means to move towards healing and finding hope in the future. Our next classes will be on Wednesday, December 5th and Wednesday, December 19th. For more information, and to register, click here [https://www.baue.com/events/holiday-grief-class/]

Below are pictures from our 31st Annual Holiday Remembrance Programs: